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Driving the Kaye-Eddie 330i BMW at Kyalami 2006
Driving the Kaye-Eddie 330i BMW at Kyalami 2006
Making use of the BMW Racing Car for filming purposes
Rear view of the WesBank modified Ford Telstar driven by Robbi
Prepping for the 1994 9 Hour Race with Melanie
With Geoff Goddard after winning the Cape 9 hour race
Leading the pack of BMW's in his JSN Ultra Quick 325is BMW
Chasing Sarel in the Telstar at Kyalami
Leading the pack with the "Nissans" in close pursuit
Heavy braking from the Firehawk 325is at Zwartkops
The young days with the modified BMW 530. Notice Kaye-Eddie, Paul and Alec
After winning the 1983 modified saloon car championship
First saloon car in the 1981 South African Castrol 9 Hour Endurance Race
The new 535 Kaye-Eddie modified 1984 BMW
1983 BMW 535 Championship car
1994 International Touring Car Race Kyalami BMW M3 shared with Farouk
Driving the Kaye-Eddie 330i BMW at Kyalami 2006
The one and only Wesbank modified BMW 333i 1986
BMW 325is Robbi's chamionship winning car
Robbi with Willie after winning the Cape 3 hour in the Mazda RX7
Accumulating trophies slowly in the 80's
Robbi in the brand new 328i Firehawk Car
Doing battle in the 333i with Nico Bianco and Paddy Driver in close pursuit
1979 modified championship Ford Escort
The brand new 325i in the new Firestone Logo
Robbi and Geoff with a very sleepy Etienne van der Linde and eager Gary Formato who joined them as a junior team in the 9 hour event
A recent BMW Club Event at Kyalami showing Robbi's 2 very quick Group N cars including the JSN Team
Prior to Production Race at Kyalami 2007
Robbi with Tony Newman at the 1995 Rugby World Cup
In the Ex-Viana Cavaleiri owned 745 BMW
With Alec and the newly restored 1986 325 shadowline
Fully retored this beautiful original championship car sponsored by JSN Motors
BMW Modified 535
Race Day 2010 in Port Elizabeth driving the Capri behind the Lindenberg GT40
The very quick V8 Capri
Killarney February 2010 the very first race in the V8 Capri
Clinching pole position in the 2002 BMW Alpina at Zwartkops 2006
The 2010 Knysna Hillclimb with Geoff Goddard.
Driving the new Renault Megane Turbo at Knysna Hill Climb May 2011
Hounding the Sabat Ford Animal at Killarney February 2011
Capri at full tilt at Zwartkops
Knysna Hill Climb – Wade, Alec, Peter, Robbi, Geoff and Lollie
After the Class B Production Car Race
With Paolo Cavalleri and Roger McCleary
2 car line up at Zwartkops
2011 hill climb
Who needs energy drinks...


Robbi Smith :: South African Racing Driver

Born in Johannesburg's Northern Suburbs, the Eastern part of the city would never be the same and from an early age, Smith terrorized the neighbourhood of Orange Grove with Car antics never before witnessed in the area where he grew up. Luckily he discovered Kyalami.

A long and very interesting life of high powered Racing cars and extreme Motor racing was what Robbi "Smurf" Smith dreamed of when he was in his very early years.

It was when he was 11 years old when his dad purchased a Chrysler "Hemi" New Yorker and from that day on Robbi was obsessed with the V8 engine and particularly Saloon Car Racing.

South Africa was one of the very few Countries which actually hosted its own Formula One Championship and Robbi was introduced, thru his uncle, in the very early days of Kyalami to top names like John Love, Dave Charlton, Paddy Driver, Basil van Rooyen, Bobby Olthoff, Koos Swanepoel, Jackie Pretorius, to name but a few, were his absolute heroes. Who would have guessed that one day, when he was introduced to Eddie Keizan, that he would go on to race against him and have a career in Motorsport spanning nearly 38 years.

His winnings include:

- 1978 Modified Class C championship
- 1983 Modified Saloon Car Champion
- 1988 Inland Stannic Group N Champion
- 1993 Stannic Group N Champion
- 1994 Stannic Group N champion

- Winner 1981 Castrol 9 hours Class A and first SA Saloon Car together with Brian Cook
- Winner 1982 Cape Times 3 hour
- Winner 1983 Cape Times 3 Hour with Willie Hepburn
- Winner 1987 Cape 6 Hour endurance with Geoff Goddard
- Winner 1990 Cape 6 hour endurance with Peter Lanz
- Winner 1993 Cape 9 hour endurance with Geoff Goddard
- Winner 1994 Cape 9 hour endurance with Hannes Oosthuizen
- Winner 1995 Cape 9 hour endurance with Geoff Goddard.

A driver with absolute passion for speed and love of circuit racing, Robbi still finds time to exercise his cars, often some still owned by his ever long friend and sponsor, Peter Kaye- Eddie, and loves every minute of it.

He has raced against the best including Tony Viana, George Santana, Hennie and Shaun van der Linde, Johan Coetzee, Paddy Driver, Willie Hepburn, Ian Scheckter; Arnold Chatz; Brian Cook, Sarel van der Merwe, Chris Aberdein, Geniel de Villiers, Ben Morgenrood, Peter Gough, Mike Briggs, Bernard Tilanus, John Craig, Geoff Goddard, Peter Lanz, Eddie Keizan, Farouk Dangor, Nico Bianco, Abel D'Oliveira, Deon Joubert, and so many top guys that leave extreme good memories of an era of the greatest Saloon car Racing in South African history. In particular, Robbi is associated with BMW and Firestone/Bridgestone having spent 9 years heavily associated with the Brands and their respective dealerships.

Life long friends have stemmed from his racing and names like Alec Ceprnich, Peter Kaye-Eddie, Mike Pennell, Marino Gallo, Giovanni Ferroli, Jan Maritz and the JSN management are part and parcel of his success.

Robbi's Racing Career has been documented in various magazines and media coverage including those listed below:-

For someone who has made a life living his passion, Robbi decided to enter the film world by getting involved with small driving sequences and was probably one of the very first full time Precision Drivers, later moving on to Vehicle Stunts and has been involved in close to 1100 Vehicle stunts, drives, tricks and presentation, be it for screen, TV, Live Entertainment or even Stills for the International Film world.

The world of wheels still rules and today Camera Ready Cars is a company fully involved in the preparation, modification, adaption, transportation and presentation of vehicles for the TV Commercial Industry throughout Southern Africa and Europe and Asia.